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The science of pure air is complex. Allow us to simplify it. No hot air here—just news, tips, and educational resources about pure, healthy air. We obsess over every detail so that you can thrive in health, wellness, and life.

25 Aug 2022
Air Purifier | 4 min read

Contaminants in the Classroom

The back-to-school season is here. This time of year is met with a ran...

15 Aug 2022
Air Purifier | 4 min read

What is CADR?

When shopping for air purifiers, you may have come across the acronym,...

27 Jul 2022
Air Purifier | 7 min read

Traffic Jams and Effect on Cognitive Health

We don’t have to tell you how getting stuck in traffic can be bad for ...

11 Feb 2022

Clearing the Air: Reflecting on COVID-19, Clean Air, and Health Inequities

Ideal Living Founders Discuss Inspiration For Air Purifier & KN95 ...

28 Jan 2022

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Cold & Flu Free

There are countless ways to catch a cold while out and about. Shaking ...

12 Jan 2022
Air Purifier | 4 min read

Creating the Ultimate Self Care Sunday Sanctuary

Wouldn’t it be great if Self Care Sunday was a guaranteed weekly event...

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