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The science of pure air is complex. Allow us to simplify it. No hot air here—just news, tips, and educational resources about pure, healthy air. We obsess over every detail so that you can thrive in health, wellness, and life.

08 Jun 2023
| 2 min read

Tips on Staying Safe Amidst Wildfire Season in the North East

As raging wildfires continue to engulf vast areas of Canada, their far...

17 May 2023
| 2 min read

How Does Dust Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Hey there, fellow clean-air enthusiasts! We all know how frustrating i...

27 Jul 2022
AirDoctor | 4 min read

Indoor Plants and their Effect on Air Quality

Transforming your home into a lush, green oasis does more than provide...

27 Jul 2022
| 7 min read

Traffic Jams and Effect on Cognitive Health

We don’t have to tell you how getting stuck in traffic can be bad for ...

20 Jun 2022

Air Quality Over the Years

It’s all around us, but do you ever take the time to think about the a...

15 Jun 2022
AirDoctor | 4 min read

Grass Pollen Season: What to Know and How to Protect Yourself from It

If you’re reading this with teary eyes or have to constantly pause to ...

15 Jun 2022
| 6 min read

What is HEPA?

We’re constantly inundated with buzzwords. Those like “natural,” “eco-...

31 May 2022
AirDoctor | 4 min read

Wildfires and Summer Weather: How to Prepare & Protect Your Health

California is bracing itself for another bad fire season and much of t...

16 May 2022
COVID-19 Donations | 3 min read

Working from Home: Why Air Quality is Important

Working remotely and from home has become the new norm for many! While...

09 May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month: 6 Ways to Support Mental Wellbeing

Millions of Americans are living with a mental illness. During the mon...

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